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Dragon 3

Dragon 3


Evoke a sense of mystery with our “Dragon 3” print. This hand-drawn dragon in shades of black, grey and red exudes an aura of strength and enchantment. Available in high quality and with a size of 27 cm x 65 cm.

Sihl Creative Textured 240 gr 100% Cotton Acid-Free, UltraChrome Inks HDR, Colour Guaranteed for 300 years

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Embark on a journey into the realm of mysticism and power with our captivating print titled “Dragon 3.” This meticulously hand-drawn artwork captures the very essence of the dragon, a legendary creature steeped in lore and symbolism.

Each intricately crafted line and precisely shaded area showcases the artist’s dedication to capturing the essence of this iconic creature. The interplay of deep black, subtle gray, and intense red hues creates a harmonious symphony that embodies the dragon’s majestic force and ethereal allure. Black embodies the enigmatic unknown, gray adds depth and balance, while red ignites the passion that resides within the heart of this mythical being.

Beyond its visual appeal, this drawing carries with it the stories and wisdom woven into the dragon’s presence across cultures. As both guardian and symbol of transformation, the dragon represents the dual nature of life, embodying both fierce protection and the enigmatic nature of existence.

Measuring 27cm x 65cm, this print becomes a mesmerizing focal point, effortlessly adding a touch of awe-inspiring magic to your space. “Dragon 3” isn’t just a piece of art; it’s a reminder that we all carry within us the potential for growth and resilience. By inviting this art into your daily surroundings, you align yourself with the dragon’s timeless energy and find inspiration to face life’s challenges with determination and grace.

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