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It took me around 25 hours, in washi with sumi. According to tradition, Kintaro was born with great strength and exceptional abilities. Since he was a child, he was known for being extremely strong and brave. Even in his childhood, Kintaro had the ability to defeat wild animals and protect the weak.

Kintaro was raised on Mount Ashigara by a woman named Yama-uba, who found him abandoned in the forest. She became his maternal figure and taught him to survive in nature, in addition to imparting him special knowledge and skills.

As he grew up, Kintaro became famous for his exploits and courage. He fought against demons and malevolent spirits, defending ordinary people and performing heroic feats. It was also said that he could talk to animals and that he was a friend of all the beings of nature.

His figure has become a symbol of strength, courage and justice in Japanese culture. Kintaro is often depicted with a strong and muscular appearance, carrying a giant axe and wearing only a loincloth made of tree leaves.

Kintaro’s story has been immortalized in literary works, kabuki theater, ukiyo-e art and other media. He is considered an emblematic figure in Japanese mythology and has left a lasting legacy in Japan’s popular culture.

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Washi paper,around 25 has, bigger than a3 size.Sumi

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