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Oniwakamaru print. 57,2 x 75 cms

Sihl Creative Textured 240 gr 100% Cotton Acid-Free, UltraChrome Inks HDR, Colour Guaranteed for 300 years

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Yes, Oniwakamaru is a popular figure in Japanese folklore. He is a warrior monk who lived during the twelfth century, and his history is one of the best known in Japanese folklore.

Oniwakamaru’s story begins with his birth. When he was born, he was so big and strong that he looked like an ogre. His father, a monk, abandoned him in a temple, where he was raised by monks.

Oniwakamaru grew up quickly, and soon became a master of martial arts. One day, he learned that his mother had been killed by a giant tent. Oniwakamaru swore revenge, and embarked on a journey to find the tent.

After a long trip, Oniwakamaru finally found the tent. The tent was huge, and it had incredible strength. However, Oniwakamaru was stronger, and defeated him in combat.

Oniwakamaru returned home with the head of the tent. His father, who had regretted having abandoned him, welcomed him with open arms. Oniwakamaru became a warrior monk, and lived a long and happy life.

Oniwakamaru’s story is a story of revenge and redemption. It is a story about a child who becomes a man, and about a man who finds peace.

Here are some alternative versions of Oniwakamaru’s story:

In some versions, Oniwakamaru is raised by a group of monks. In other versions, he is raised by a single monk.

In some versions, the giant carp is an evil spirit. In other versions, it is simply a dangerous animal.

In some versions, Oniwakamaru kills the tent with his own hands. In other versions, use a sword or a bow and arrow.

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