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Fudo myoo and ryu

Fudo myoo and ryu


Big print! 60 x 87 87 cms.

Sihl Creative Textured 240 gr 100% Cotton Acid-Free, UltraChrome Inks HDR, Colour Guaranteed for 300 years

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Fudo Myoo and Ryu are both deities in Japanese Buddhism.

Fudo Myoo, also known as Acala, is one of the Five Wisdom Kings in Buddhist cosmology. He is often depicted with a fierce expression, holding a sword in one hand to cut through ignorance and a rope in the other to bind demons and negative energies. Fudo Myoo represents the power and determination needed to overcome obstacles and awaken enlightenment.

Ryu, on the other hand, refers to dragons in Japanese mythology and folklore. Dragons hold significant symbolism in various cultures, representing power, wisdom, and protection. In Buddhism, dragons are often associated with water and are seen as guardians of Buddhist teachings. They can also be seen carved or painted on temple walls or used as decorative elements.

Both Fudo Myoo and Ryu play important roles in Buddhist practices and beliefs, representing different aspects of spiritual growth and protection.

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