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Traditional Japanese tenugui

Traditional Japanese tenugui


Japanese traditional Tenugui. 90 x 45 cm. Made in japan.

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The manufacture of a traditional Japanese tenugui involves a detailed process that combines artisanal techniques and specific materials.

1. Fabric: The tenugui is woven into fabrics using light and absorbent cotton. This step includes the creation of a specific design, either through dyeing or printing.

2. Decoration: The decoration of the tenugui can be done through various methods, such as dyeing with natural dyes, stamping using engraved wooden blocks or hand painting techniques.

3. Drying: Once the design has been applied to the fabric, it is properly dried to fix the colors and patterns.

4. Finish: The tenugui is cut and folded to obtain its final shape, ensuring that the edges are well sewn to prevent it from fraying.

The result is a versatile and decorative handkerchief that can be used in various everyday situations. It should be noted that the manufacture of tenugui can vary depending on the region and the craftsman who makes it, which adds an element of singularity to each piece.

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